Welcome to New West Rock, the Royal City's Classic Rock!

Our web players work on all modern web browsers using HTML5 live streaming (HLS). The web players will play on iOS devices but without song info, controls and album art. For best results on iOS and tvOS we recommend StreamS Hi-Fi Radio. All streams are encoded to UHD Radio standards. Find out more about UHD Radio by clicking here.

Tech Info

New West Rock uses state of the art streaming technology from Modulation Index, LLC. Our audio is processed with the Orban Optimod PCn1600 and our streams are encoded with StreamS Hi-Fi Encoders. We have streams available in xHE-AAC, the most advanced audio streaming codec in the world. xHE-AAC provides crystal clear audio quality and the highest efficiency. New West Rock has 40kbps xHE-AAC streams available. See the sidebar for more information on how to listen to the xHE-AAC streams.

Click here to open the 80k HE-AACv1 HLS stream in iTunes

Touch here to open the 40k xHE-AAC HLS stream in Streams Hi-Fi Radio

Check back often as we add more cool stuff to the site!

Have audiophile tendencies? Try our extreme 320kbps AAC Stereo Icecast Stream powered by Simplecast.co.uk!

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned!

Streams Hi-Fi Encoders

New West Rock originates in New Westminster, BC, Canada! New West Rock is owned and operated by Max Radio Society.

Our sister stations are CKLG.ca, LG73.ca, MaxRadio.ca and UptownRadio.ca.